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Water Heater

Is your water heater leaking? Do you get enough cold or hot water? If your water heater is leaking or isn’t heating your water well enough, call today. Water heaters last for about 8 to 12 years; come this age they start to lose their efficiency and become more prone to failure. While most people wait until their water heater has catastrophically failed before shopping around for a replacement water heater, there are benefits to upgrading your unit before it dies! We can also provide leak detection services to find out where the leak is coming from. Contact us today, we specialize in water heater installation and water heater repair services!

If you need your sewer pipe inspected or a water line inspection, we use camera inspection technology to look into the pipe and sewer line to look for damage without having to tear up your lawn to find the issue. We can also help you find your sewer line, underground sewer or a lost sewer. We specialize in electronic sewer line location in order to find where your sewer is located. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality products and services to ensure your complete satisfaction. Contact Dunn Plumbing for an inspection of your pipes today.

Free video inspection with any mainline sewer cleaning!

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We are a full-service plumber providing a wide range of residential plumbing services including drain cleaning, shower repair, emergency plumber services, repiping, and much more. Whether you are having a new construction or a home upgrade or addition involving plumbing, we can help. Contact Dunn Plumbing to get a quote on all your plumbing project needs.

We also offer sewer line repair and sewer line replacement services throughout Tucson, AZ. There are many reasons why you might need sewer service, such as locating a sewer line, broken, cracked or collapsed sewer pipe, busted pipe, install pipes, pipe repair, shifting or settling soil, pipe corrosion, tree root infiltration, weather changes, deterioration due to age or materials used. Call us today to have one of our technicians inspect your section of the sewer lines.

Water Line

Trees, weather, and old age can affect the water brought to your home, such as from growing roots. When that happens, you need to have the water pipe on your land inspected to make sure there is no damage to the pipes. Contact us today for a main water line pipe inspection. 

Do you have a clogged garbage disposal? Do you need garbage disposal replacement? Garbage disposals make it easier for homeowners to drain the food particles trapped in the drain. When the Garbage disposal is not working properly, and the water isn't flowing down the drain, your disposal could have a jam or be overworked. If your garbage disposal stops working, call us to get a technician out to take a look. We provide high-quality garbage disposal repair services. 

Toilet Repair

Do you have a broken toilet? Is your toilet clogged? When it comes to clogged and running toilets, we’ve all felt that horrible sinking feeling that comes when you flush the toilet, and it doesn’t stop running – and of course, the panic when the water rises to the top of the bowl! What about when you open your water bill, and it’s three times the amount? We provide a wide range toilet repair services. Contact us today!

Drain Services

Is your kitchen sink clogged? Do you have a slow draining shower? Call us today! We specialize in a wide range of drain services in Tucson, AZ. We can fix your drain quickly and efficiently. Our experienced team of drain cleaning professionals will determine where the clog is and get rid of it for you. Contact us today for more information.  


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